Changes for 1041 Weld Oil and Gas Location Assessment Code Approved – North Forty News

Changes for 1041 Weld Oil and Gas Location Assessment Code Approved – North Forty News
Colorado oil well – image courtesy of The Huffington Post

The Board of County Commissioners approved code changes this week to help promote the health, safety and welfare of Weld County residents.

1041 Weld Oil and Gas Location Assessment (WOGLA) County Code changes were brought to the board over the course of three months. Changes to the code include language updates and additions and clarifications on oil and gas operator regulations and requirements for applications. Additional changes included setback requirements, additional considerations for noise and lighting during construction and production phases of development, the inclusion of a Planning Area Map and recording requirements for permits.

“These changes further clarify regulations for oil and gas exploration and production in the unincorporated area of the county under the purview of Senate Bill 181,” said Commissioner Chair Mike Freeman. “Our code is based on science, and I’m glad we’re providing stability, not only to the oil and gas industry but also to property owners,” said Mike.

The language was also updated to include oil and gas sites to be required to be located at least 500 feet from commercial or private property buildings, school facilities or child care centers. Furthermore, operators that want oil and gas sites less than 500 feet away must provide a risk assessment to show compatibility with surrounding land uses and potential hazards.

“As identified by our air quality experts, the 500 feet and beyond the standard is scientifically safe for oil and gas operations,” said Weld County Oil and Gas Energy Department Director Jason Maxey. “Collaborating with industry stakeholders, property owners and county departments has been exceptionally helpful during this code change process in order for us to maintain the standards of health and safety for everyone in Weld County,” Jason said.

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