The owners of Zimswitch revealed – Bulawayo24 News

The owners of Zimswitch revealed – Bulawayo24 News

On Wednesday the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe announced that it has designated Zimswitch as a national payment switch with immediate effect.

According to the statement, all mobile money transmission providers and mobile banking providers were directed to be connected to Zimswitch.

Zimbabweans have been using social media to question if Zimswitch is not another scam meant to benefit the elite.

A quick check on the Zimswitch website gave the following results:

Zimswitch is the National Electronic Funds Switch for ATM’s and POS of Zimbabwe that serves not only the financial institutions who are its members and users but also provides an essential service to their customers; the Zimbabwean public. Zimswitch is also the oldest and most successful national switch in Africa outside of South Africa.

•         Zimswitch was formed upon the signing of a partnership agreement of 8 local financial institutions dated 7 March 1994, to facilitate the shared use of automated teller machines (ATM’s) and point of sale (POS) facilities throughout Zimbabwe.
•         On the 31 March 2001 Zimswitch converted to a private company, incorporated in Zimbabwe. A newly formed company, Zveringa Systems (Private) Limited, was purchased for this purpose. This conversion to a company was undertaken both to enable faster decision making and to allow for the introduction of a business partner.
•         In February 2002, after an extensive evaluation, the partners awarded the business to Fintech – the technology arm of the Loita group at the time, represented in Zimbabwe by the Loita Company, EFTCorp. The In 2002 the replacement of the existing proprietary technology with the new version of an EFT solutions platform called Postilion was undertaken. This platform enables growth and development of the business as required to meet the new challenges. EFT Corp also provides the necessary consultancy, services and ongoing support to Zimswitch in respect of the EFT software.  Zimswitch is 100% operated by LXS and majority owned.

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