The Top 10 Marketing Coaches To Follow – GlobeNewswire

The Top 10 Marketing Coaches To Follow – GlobeNewswire
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The Top 10 Marketing Coaches To Follow

New York City, New York, Aug. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Customer engagement is the heart of any successful business, and marketing is the key element which helps them flourish. Great marketing allows you to maintain long-lasting and ever-present relationships with your audience, and put your best face forward to the world. A lot of us however, lack real strategy or direction – which is where a great marketing coach becomes crucial for success in the competitive world we live in, according to Boost Media Agency. Each with their own unique style, here we present 10 of the marketing coaches leading the way in their industry: 

Dinasty Brown (@coachedbydinasty)

Born and raised in Florida, Dinasty D. Brown is a full-time entrepreneur, social media strategist, business coach and author. It wasn’t until she graduated from high school with honors that proved to the world that she was ambitious, zealous, and a natural-born leader. Furthering her education at Florida State University, she found love in entrepreneurship and started her very first business at eighteen. As the eldest of five daughters, Dinasty is constantly striving to be an exceptional example to her younger sisters. She exudes that kind of confidence, determination, and ambition that she hopes every young lady will be able to see. Through her online platform, she encourages and educates women to make their dreams a reality and create the life that they desire. As a business coach, she provides her clients with the necessary tools they need to start an online business, work from anywhere while traveling, grow with social media and make money without limits. The Queendom community she started has over 20,000 female bosses, including over 2,500 women who already started their online businesses. She also prides herself to have coached female entrepreneurs earning around $10,000 and more per month and just recently, two of her clients have reached the $2M mark! With the belief that a business should be relatable to acquire success, Dinasty continuously engages with her community and establishes a genuine relationship with her clients, which has seen her become one of the go-to experts in the business and marketing industry.

Tricia Ikponmwonba (@triciabiz)

A true marketing and sales expert, Tricia Ikponmwonba works closely with small and medium businesses, helping them build profitable marketing strategies and increase their revenue. Her adept understanding of traditional and emerging marketing channels, project management, pricing strategies, product development, and sales techniques led to the consistent growth in sales and revenue of her clients. Tricia prides herself as a versatile marketing professional, working with entrepreneurs across all industries, now having helped  over 60,000 African entrepreneurs. Her experience as a marketing consultant for over 15 multinational Fortune 100 companies in Nigeria gave her a broad and in-depth knowledge of marketing and sales, which she then uses to help her clients exceed their business goals. Through her own brand as ‘TriciaBiz’, she offers training, coaching programs, and digital products. Tricia has also launched a fast-growing digital learning platform, that provides affordable courses for start-ups and small businesses across Africa. Most of the lessons in the academy she created are focused on building a successful brand, creating an effective marketing strategy, and creating sales funnels. Tricia’s wealth of experience and breadth of knowledge has helped an unbeatable number of her clients reach their goals and achieve success.

Lindsey Roman (@mrslindseyroman)

Lindsey Roman is a business educator, social media marketing expert, and photographer based out of Oahu, Hawaii. She’s the co-founder of The Heart University which started in 2018 and surpassed $1 million in gross revenue the following year. Through hosting workshops, selling online courses for photographers and creative entrepreneurs, Lindsey and her team have helped over 500 students in their online courses worldwide. They’ve also taught over 100 students from in-person workshops. They’ve been successful in growing The Heart University out of purely caring about the success of creative business owners, helping them find their calling, and guiding them on how to embrace it boldly while making money doing something they love. Lindsey is also a co-host of The Heart & Hustle podcast, a business podcast for creative entrepreneurs that has over 400 5-star reviews , even reaching the Top 10 in business charts in Apple podcasts. Lindsey’s love for helping people became her passion and now, she’s on a mission to continue helping more women know their worth, value, and identity through her different channels online. When she’s not speaking, teaching, or dancing on Instagram which by the way she loves doing, you can find her spending quality time at the beach with her daughter and husband.

Tiffany Williams, MBA (@richgirlcollective)

Tiffany Williams is the expert business and marketing coach behind Rich Girl Collective, an online training and coaching company for women who are looking into how they can turn their passion into a side hustle or a successful full-time business. After leaving the corporate world to establish her own coaching business, Tiffany has made it her life’s work to assist other women in transitioning from full-time employee, to full-time entrepreneur – using online businesses as their vehicle. She believes that women can achieve more if they unleash their confidence and feel empowered to create the life they deserve.  Through Rich Girl Collective, Tiffany wanted to help more women around the world take action and make some serious business moves, in order to build their own empires. Rich Girl Collective offers several courses, workshops, e-books, and guides on entrepreneurship and marketing. Tiffany and her team also offer a monthly membership for women where she teaches classes every month and invites guests who are experts to teach on topics about the “RICH” mission: R – Relationships and Family, I – Investments and Entrepreneurship, C – Community Awareness, H – Health and Wellness. They pride themselves on having high-quality training sessions for an affordable price. They also have a Facebook community with over 38k women actively engaging and supporting each other – a business sisterhood, as Tiffany would like to call it, where she’s been able to create an enormous, life changing impact.

Dimity Edwards (@dimity.edwards)

A born entrepreneur, Dimity Edwards bought herself a one-way ticket to Europe when she was 18, spending two years exploring the countries and culture that world has to offer. Her time abroad changed her perspective, learning that either you run the day, or the day runs you. Being in charge of her own life became a priority, and she was so determined to come home to Australia and help others do the same. Scaling her first online business, working out of her childhood bedroom while completing a university degree – Dimity is a true go-getter. Over the past five years, Dimity has built multiple profitable online businesses, has been invited to speaking engagements around Australia, hosts a podcast, and now spends most of her time coaching others. Her years of experience of branding and marketing have proven paramount in her success, which she now teaches to others looking to do the same. Through her signature program, Branding Breakthrough Bootcamp, she helps her clients become the go-to person in their niche. Her dedication to helping ambitious women create an authentic and influential brand makes her your go-to person when it comes to getting your name out there. With Dimity’s coaching style, you’ll feel supported at every stage as you build your business.

Lauren Brown (@bylaurenbrown)

An avid reader, writer, public speaker and digital nomad currently living in Chile, Lauren Brown found online businesses the vehicle she needed to free herself from the 9-5 life, live abroad and travel the world. Graduating from Loyola University with a double major in Spanish and International business, for the last 10 years Lauren has built a career working in start-ups in San Francisco and throughout Latin America, while also launching businesses of her own. Through her 8 years of living abroad she has developed her skills, specialising in sales and marketing – specifically social media marketing for businesses. Now, Lauren helps other women build their personal brands, show up confidently online, and launch their businesses so that they can live life on their terms. Her IG Circle Group Instagram Program focuses on the 4 pillars of Clarity, Consistency, Confidence and Community. Lauren encourages her clients to do personality tests, define a clear why, and really do a deep dive on their personal journey, enabling them to acknowledge all of their strengths, talents, skills and unique experiences, tying these in as a formative part of their brand story and thus their marketing strategy. While also learning about branding and marketing, her clients are developing an appreciation and confidence in themselves as a result of these processes. “I really feel that everyone has a purpose that is waiting to be uncovered, everyone has gifts and skills that can help and impact others, and that you can be paid and make a living from this profitable purpose.” Lauren explained.  She is known in her community as a connector, event organizer, a thriving entrepreneur, a marketing maven and a seasoned digital nomad, serial expat, and her list of accomplishments is vast. Lauren’s passion is people, nurturing their strengths and empowering them to live their best lives, which is what she’s been able to do for the countless individuals she’s coached.

Kelsey Reidl (@kelseyreidl)

Kelsey Reidl is an Online Business & Marketing Coach, as well as the founder of The Visionary Method™ which is a weekly business coaching experience for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business from idea to full-time income. Kelsey helps her clients achieve their financial and success goals using a mix of innovative and time-honoured growth strategies (no complicated ClickFunnels accounts or expensive Facebook Ads required!). Her refreshing ‘No B.S.’ approach to business and marketing has allowed her to work with 1000’s of individuals who want to uncover their unique brilliance, sell services that stand out from their competition, and reach a global audience. Kelsey also hosts a top podcast on the Canadian entrepreneurship charts called Visionary Life. In each episode, she chats with visionary entrepreneurs and creative thought leaders about the early challenges of starting their businesses, what works and what doesn’t when it comes to growth, as well as the realities of being on the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride. Kelsey’s extensive knowledge of Online Business, her ability to deliver real results and her fresh approach to marketing have made her one of the most highly sought-after coaches in the industry. 

Jessica Thiefels (@JessicaThiefels)

A passionate writer for over ten years, Jessica Thiefels transitioned into coaching both individuals and companies on how to get intentional with their content marketing. She entered the world of consulting with the mission to help more individuals and businesses get their messages to the people who need to hear them. In her eight years of experience in the marketing industry, Jessica has found her own perfect blend of both mindset and strategy, which she uses to coach her clients. For years, Jessica has helped her clients succeed in growing their brand organically and powerfully selling their products and services through various content marketing strategies. As well as being the CEO of Jessica Thiefels Consulting, an organic content marketing agency, Jessica also authored the book, ‘10 Questions that Answer Life’s Biggest Questions’, where she tackles the important aspects of our lives that most people wanted to understand to the core. Jessica also hosts her podcast, ‘Mindset Reset Radio’, where she invites and interviews guests to discuss topics relevant to having a mindset that leads to a purposeful life. Jessica created Marketing from the Gut: Mindset Master + Instagram Strategy Membership Coaching Program where she sets to educate individuals and businesses on how to leverage Instagram to expand their reach.  Jessica’s impressive resume is testament to the results she’s been able to achieve for both herself and her clients.

Moria Hazan (@mormediacoaching)

What began as a side hustle with the mission of helping businesses grow, Moria Hazan is a social media marketing coach who specialises in helping female entrepreneurs become wildly in demand, using organic social media strategies. Moria formerly worked as a marketing specialist for lifestyle businesses, helping them manage their advertising and social media platforms, but has since founded her company, Mor Media. Having a realization that coaching is her passion, Moria wanted to dedicate her time to help more women become confident in what they have to offer, learn to become more visible online, and establish themselves as an authority within their industries. With her established 12-week coaching program, Moria focuses on guiding her clients with the visibility and authority they need to help them materialize their dreams and create their own successful businesses. With the high demand for her services and schedule nearing capacity, Moria’s 1:1 coaching sessions are soon to be scaled to group coaching, in order to cater to the scores of individuals wanting to work with her. 

Ash Burnside (@marketingwithash)  

A marketing expert and coach who teaches people how to leverage their own unique brilliance, Ash Burnside doesn’t have your typical rags-to-riches story. Starting her first business with nothing more than an English degree and a drive for freedom, Ash now helps her clients to build and design their own digital empires, using marketing plans that put them wildly in demand. Her marketing plans are centred around personal brands, instead of offers, services or specific campaigns.  Ash has now worked with many clients across a number of industries including coaches, designers, copywriters, financial planners, and consultants, showing them the path to higher profits and consistent high-revenue months. The last 5 years Ash has invested heavily into her own skill set and education, as she is a firm believer in relentlessly pursuing excellence and finding out what truly works – and what doesn’t. Using her experience in both marketing plans and funnels for online service-based businesses, she’s been able to produce countless successful launches, helping her clients leverage what they’re already great at to make some serious money.

Make sure to follow each of these incredible coaches, as they continue to build brands and empower their clients. Each of their Instagram’s have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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