Why Tshwane acting city manager Mavela Dlamini resigned – IOL

Why Tshwane acting city manager Mavela Dlamini resigned – IOL

By Rapula Moatshe Time of article published 2h ago

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Pretoria – Tshwane acting city manager Mavela Dlamini resigned in a huff, a day after a hostile late-night meeting where he hinted to unions that the metro may not pay out the lump sums to workers on July 26.

The Pretoria News understands that Dlamini called it quits a day after he had convened a virtual meeting with leaders of unions on Thursday at 10pm.

During the meeting, he talked about the impact of Covid-19 on the City’s low revenue collection, which was interpreted by the unions as an excuse to halt the payouts.

The payouts are part of the collective agreement by a benchmarking team, which last year investigated the workers’ salary scales in Tshwane with those of counterpart metros.

Dlamini co-hosted the meeting with head administrator Mpho Nawa and administrator responsible for human capital Masabata Mutlaneng.

Mutlaneng, who previously worked in the Department of Infrastructure Development as the deputy director-general responsible for corporate services management, was announced as Mavela’s replacement.

At the hastily-organised meeting, the SA Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) was represented by its regional secretary Mpho Tladinyane and chairperson Nkhetheni Muthavhi. Kim Jansen Burton represented the Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union.

Although the administrators never spelled out that they would put on hold plans for the payouts, they hinted that it could be the case.

They emphasised that the City’s finances were under serious strain.

They further cited that some companies had asked for deferral of payments due to the impact of the virus on their businesses.

The administrators were, however, never allowed to have a final say on the matter as union leaders believed the meeting was going to be used to halt the payouts.

Dlamini was accused of mishandling the Covid-19 crisis in Tshwane.

He also came under fire for having alienated unions as important stakeholders in the metro since he assumed office in March.

“He was told where to get off,” a source said.

The union leaders were angry that the administrators were telling them things that they already knew about the impact of Covid-19.

“The issue of Covid-19 is not only affecting Tshwane, it is affecting every sector in the country,” another source said.

Parties could not reach a cordial conclusion and they proposed another meeting the following day.

However, on Friday morning the unions woke up to the news that Dlamini had tendered his resignation.

On Monday, Nawa said Dlamini, 69, resigned over reasons related to his health condition.

“Taking into account Mr Dlamini’s age and in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic which dictate that he operate offsite; and the nature of a City manager’s responsibility, it is extremely difficult and impractical to work outside the City premises,” he said.

Yesterday, Nawa reiterated that Dlamini’s health condition was cited as “the primary reasons” for his resignation.

Regarding the City’s ability to pay out the lump sums, Nawa said: “We are still in negotiations.

“We are saying to the unions that Covid-19 has had an effect on the City’s finances and the City never anticipated this situation.”

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